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La Center | Middle School

Lynden Middle School - Exterior Protected Courtyard at Commons
The Construction Services Group at ESD112 was instrumental in the success of our school construction bond program. As the Superintendent of a smaller school district, I simply wouldn’t have had the bandwidth nor the field knowledge to complete our project without CSG’s services in the successful manner that it was.  I found the Construction Services Group to be knowledgeable in all aspects of school project development. CSG led our effort through the planning process and ultimately through the design, construction, and completion of our new middle school. CSG’s project manager (Keith Bloom) expertly navigated all the state and federal regulatory issues we encountered, and there were many! Their creativity created a pathway forward allowing us to continue to construct our new school throughout the COVID 19 Pandemic and finished on time and within budget. I would strongly recommend any district seeking to develop new facilities or modernize existing, to reach out to ESD112’s Construction Services Group. Their expertise in school funding, design and construction is second to none in the industry. I would be more than happy to further elaborate on our experiences with CSG if you have questions. Dave Holmes Interim Superintendent, Green Mountain School District #103 Continue Reading La Center | Middle School