Our Services

CSG is a cooperative service program created by Educational Service District 112 (ESD 112) and provides:

  • Pre-bond facilities planning
  • Project/construction management
  • Building commissioning
  • Value engineering
  • Constructability review
  • Furniture and equipment planning and procurement services
  • Pre and post-bond communication services
  • Indoor Air Quality Program

CSG Services Explained

Project/Construction Management

As the school district’s advocate, CSG provides rigorous oversight and quality control processes to support the successful planning, design, construction, occupancy, and warranty management phases of capital projects.

Building Commissioning (CX)

CSG applies a disciplined third-party procedure during the design and construction phases of a capital project to provide the school district with a facility that is fully functional and operating as designed, specified and constructed prior to final acceptance of the project.

Constructability Reviews (CR)

CSG performs a formal third-party review of architect/engineer design drawings and specifications, and proposed construction schedules before the project is competitively bid. The CR identifies recommended improvements and later confirms if the recommended improvements were incorporated in the bidding documents in order to mitigate errors and omissions in the bid documents, which will reduce schedule delays and cost changes during the construction phase.

Value Engineering (VE) Studies

CSG conducts a structured review protocol during the design phase or a project. When evaluating the quality, use, life, appearance, and required features of a facility, the value engineering study team identifies specific opportunities that will allow the architect/engineering teams to maximize function, cost, and value in design.

Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment (FF&E)

CSG partners with school districts and architects/designers to select FF&E that meets criteria for creating the most effective teaching and learning environment while staying within the district’s budget constraints. Items are competitively selected from available contracts to meet legal compliance and to ensure the best price, design, function and warranty. Services include planning, guidance in selection/purchasing and management of delivery/installation, as well as a final product and warranty information.

Indoor Air Quality Program

The importance of quality indoor air for the learning environment cannot be over emphasized. The ability to react to changing conditions easily and quickly has not been readably available. The CSG Indoor Air Quality Assurance Program assess your buildings current condition and makes recommendations to improve the air quality with adaptability for whatever the future holds.


For more information on working with CSG, call 360-952-3306 or email csg.info@esd112.org.