How to Purchase

Please follow the general steps below for purchasing off of the LearningEdge contract. If you are unsure of your eligibility, please see “Eligibility” under FAQ’s.

  1. Browse the online catalog to find the products you would like to purchase.
  2. On the product page, under the Ordering Information tab, you will see vendor contact info. Reach out to the vendor and ask for a quote.
  3. Initiate a purchase by using a purchase order or procurement card.
  4. You must include the LearningEdge contract number ESD112-LE-18B on the purchase order in order to get the contract pricing.
  5. Give your quote and purchase order to the vendor for purchase. You will coordinate all shipping and installation with the vendor.
  6. If you need help with product selection or have any questions at all, please reach out to

Frequently Asked Questions


Is my school or organization eligible to purchase off these contracts

The  LearningEdge Invitation to Bid identified K-12 public and private schools, colleges and universities, state departments of education, regional service agencies and educational organizations in the following states as “eligible purchasers.”

  • Idaho
  • Oregon
  • Washington

Washington school districts may purchase off the contract without procuring their own bid. However, they may need to sign an Interlocal agreement with ESD 112 to comply with Washington school district public contract laws. Educational organizations in the other states may also purchase off of the contract; they should review their state laws to determine if an Interlocal or intergovernmental agreement is required.

Please Click Here to view a list of agencies with a current interlocal with ESD112, or to request a new interlocal.

State laws authorize “piggybacking” off of a bid that was competitively procured by another public agency in accordance with that agency’s bid laws. ESD 112 procured the LearningEdge contract using a competitive bid process that complies with Washington school district public contract laws.

Can I make a personal purchase off of these contracts?

These contracts are intended to be used by public agencies and non-profit educational institutions only. 

What if I didn't tell ESD 112 beforehand that my school wanted to purchase off this bid? Can we still order?

Absolutely! Click Here to determine if your school has an interlocal with ESD 112 already, and if not you can request a new one to be created (on the same page).

In what publications did the Public Notice appear?

The Invitation to Bid appeared in the following publications:  

  • ID: Idaho Statesman
  • OR: Oregon DJC (Portland Oregon Daily Journal of Commerce) (Pre-bid notice) /  Oregon DJC (Invitation to Bid notice)
  • WA: The Columbian /  Seattle DJC

In addition, the Call for bids was published (and is archived) on the ESD 112 websiteThis meets the requirements of Washington bid law.

Are there membership fees that my organization needs to pay to be able to purchase products off of the LearningEdge contracts?

No, membership fees are not required in order to make purchases off of this contract.

Was my school or organization named in the Invitation to Bid?

The Invitation to Bid was written on behalf of all K-12 public and private schools, colleges and universities, regional service agencies, and state departments of education. Under Washington law, each potential purchaser does not need to be listed individually.


Can I have help choosing furniture for my school?

FF&E services are offered through ESD 112’s Construction Services Group. Please visit for more information, or contact for furniture recommendations for your school.

Will I purchase my products directly from ESD112 and LearningEdge?

No. You will order the products directly from the awarded vendors. However, in order to ensure that you can take advantage of the contract pricing, it is required that you identify contract #ESD112-LE-18B on your purchase order or transaction paperwork to the vendor. Please refer to the ordering instructions listed on the website product pages for specific contact information.

Is there a minimum purchase that we have to make, or a limit to the number of items that we can purchase?

No. Purchase as much or as little as you like.

Do I get a deeper discount if I purchase items in large quantities?

The LearningEdge contract provides the awarded vendors the flexibility to provide even greater cost savings to the purchasers when they are buying in volume. Please work with your vendor on this, and request a per-unit price quote for the quantity that you are ordering.

My district is thinking of conducting its own competitive bid for some of the products on the LearningEdge contract. Is there any advantage to just using the LearningEdge contracts that have been competitively bid?

Yes, there are several advantages! First, if you’ve ever conducted a competitive bid, you’ll know how much time, effort and money it takes to do so. We’ve already done the work for you! Secondly, the vendors have the flexibility to provide LearningEdge pricing that is even more competitive when you are purchasing in volume. Talk to the vendor that sells the LearningEdge product that you need.

Do we have to reference the contract numbers on the purchase orders we submit?

Yes, referencing contract #ESD112-LE-18B is the only way you are guaranteed the contract pricing. In addition, this is a good practice for auditing purposes.

Does the contract price of the products include shipping, handling and installation, or do I have to pay extra for those services?

Shipping/handling and installation charges are determined by the awarded vendor. The vendor will include these charges as part of the quote as a separate line item.

Other Questions

What if I am unhappy with my product?

If your product is damaged or is malfunctioning when you receive it, call the awarded vendor from which you purchased it and ask about the warranty and return process.

When do I take possession of the products I order?

Products are shipped FOB: Destination, meaning that they do not belong to your school or organization until they arrive at your “Ship To:” address. Any damage that occurs in the shipping process is the responsibility of the vendor or manufacturer.

Who should I contact if I have further questions?

Contact Bunny Stevens at 360-952-3415 or email Bunny Stevens, Project Coordinator, Purchasing, ESD 112, at

The Bid Process

Were the products competitively bid?

Yes. The Purchasing office at ESD 112 publishes Invitation to Bid’s with a clear scope of work, product specifications, evaluation and scoring process, and award process. Vendors were awarded contracts if they demonstrated that they were responsive and responsible bidders with the lowest bid price on a specific product that met published specifications.

Can I get a copy of the Invitation to Bid and all related affidavits?

Yes, they are available on the ESD112 website under Procurement Services, then Requests for bids, proposals & quotes. If you need anything further, please reach out to, in the purchasing department.