About CSG

K-12 school projects are the only projects we do. Construction Services Group (CSG) is a partner and subject matter expert to school districts planning and implementing capital construction projects. CSG’s experienced staff combines their school and construction management expertise to assist districts in implementing improvements to educational environments.

CSG is a cooperative service program created by Educational Service District 112 (ESD 112).

Why CSG?

  • Schools asked and ESD 112 answered. CSG was established by ESD 112 in 1994 after receiving a school district request for project management assistance for a recently passed capital bond measure.
  • CSG knows schools and knows what it takes to provide the best and most productive physical environment for students.
  • School construction processes are complex. CSG serves as an owner’s representative, advocate, and team member to ensure a school district’s consulting architects, engineers, and contractors perform high quality services, on time and within budget.

For more information on working with CSG, call 360-952-3306 or email csg.info@esd112.org.